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“A First Class Supplier”

Steve Slater – Operations Manager, Bombardier Transportation (Rolling Stock) UK Ltd

“I have been delighted with the work carried out by Richard and his Qualitrain team within BTRS and would happily recommend them to other companies.

Qualitrain implemented Business Improvement Training for our frontline Team Leaders, in addition to developing a Core Competency programme which included PMO at Level 2 for the entire work force. This was a large scale project involving ourselves and Qualitrain and Lincoln, Cambridge and West Nottinghamshire colleges. Qualitrain achieved this successfully for us and the results have been very positive.

Another particular success was Qualitrain’s development of a single week training course covering all the key processes of building electrical wiring looms (our core activity). This came about because we had a sudden requirement to employ 300 new staff. We were delighted with the way Qualitrain met the challenge, developing a series of practical tests which could feed performance data back to management so that improvements could be made accurately with no overlap or wastage.

In my opinion they are a first class supplier who really know their business and are tenacious in seeing a project through successfully.”

“Impressive Depth of Understanding”

Neil Dickens – Bid and Training Manager, Bombardier Transportation UK Ltd

“Qualitrain has proved itself well able to be an important part of the team at Bombardier, carrying out Core Competency training for all temporary staff, which has been integrated with qualification in Performing Manufacturing Operations. As well as the PMO qualification. Qualitrain has implemented Business Improvement Techniques training across the company to help enhance the World Class
Manufacturing aims of the business.

The quality of Qualitrain’s input, and the hard work put in by their team, brought great success with this project, with 100% pass rate at Level 2. This has given us the confidence to progress the training project, and 125 Bombardier candidates are now about to undertake a Level 3 BIT qualification under Qualitrain’s guidance.

In addition to these training projects, we have been very impressed with Qualitrain’s depth of understanding of manufacturing processes and the company’s ability to devise and implement solutions. Large numbers of business improvement opportunities have been identified by Qualitrain and, with their assistance, we are now in them process of carrying them out.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard Bates and his team as excellent partners to even the largest of manufacturing businesses. The quality of their work and the value of the improvements we have made – in terms of cost and time saved – speak for themselves.”

“Unrivalled Commitment to our Business”

Chris Goodburn – Continuous Improvement Manager, First Great Western

“Our business has worked with Qualitrain to develop assessment practices which meet the established needs of training frameworks, but also address the business’ requirements as established by Qualitrain’s initial Training Needs Analysis. Constant back-reference to our agreed aims has allowed us to measure success, react to deviations or to any new issues that arise, and to ensure that the program is kept on track. These tactics are derived, of course, from the basic principles of business improvement strategy and we have found Qualitrain to be expert in deploying them.

Besides the needs of the business and the progress of the training program, there are the individual needs of trainees, which can differ greatly. Assessing regularly and within real-life situations allows all our people to feel comfortable with the process and understand its relevance to their work.

Because Qualitrain’s trainers have undertaken so much of their activity on the shop floor, and are on site so regularly, our people have become very confident in dealing with them, and consequently very open about any problems they are facing. Qualitrain use this feedback to fine-tune training to the level of the individual, and even to suggest changes in future delivery. It’s a very responsive, live, process, not at all an off-the-shelf, one size fits all approach, and as such it has been very successful. We find this two-way relationship far more effective than other training scenarios we have experienced

Based on our experience, we have found a unique training partner in Qualitrain and we feel their unrivalled commitment to our business and its people is richly deserving of recognition.”

“A Tremendously Powerful Training Partnership”

David Garrard – Continuous Improvement Manager, First Capital Connect

“Qualitrain Ltd has shown a passion for both the company’s needs and for the candidates that we have enrolled onto their programme. They have been involved within every aspect of our business, proactively seeking answers to questions, challenging our assumptions when necessary, and always ensuring they had the information they required to create a programme that is challenging to our employees and which has now created a really positive buzz within the workplace.

This proactive attitude has allowed us to build a tremendously powerful training partnership. To be fair, Qualitrain has not proved to be ‘your average training provider’. They have been unusually able to build connections, give sound advice to anyone who asks, guide the company and give insights into other possibilities that we might not have otherwise considered. We are experts in our field, they are experts in theirs, and we are both prepared to offer total commitment to a genuinely worthwhile training partnership – this has been the secret of our joint success. Qualitrain’s staff members are now completely embedded within our site and have become part of the ‘family’. They clearly genuinely care about the learners they train and assess, repeatedly going out of their way to ensure everyone is on board and achieving to the best of their ability.

Our training partnership is now supplying us with well-educated, relevantly-skilled and proactive people who are now able to offer the business the sort of flexible, self-aware and forward-thinking culture that these tough times demand.”

“Visible and Measurable Return on Investment”

Bryan Harris – MD, Harrington Generators International Ltd

“Qualitrain has worked in close partnership with us to review our processes and design and deliver a wide-ranging package of Lean Manufacturing training and projects throughout our Sales, Production, Warehousing and Accounts departments.

Qualitrain has been extremely thorough in identifying areas in our operation which could benefit from further streamlining, and where non-value added activities could be eliminated. Lean training packages have seen large numbers of our staff obtain valuable business improvement qualifications, and this has helped us to maintain the improvements over time.

The results of our work with Qualitrain have been very positive, with visible and measurable returns on our investment. A particularly notable example of this came in the Warehouse, where an agreed KPI allowed us to move from 17% to 100% efficiency, bringing very worthwhile benefits.”

“A Great Source of Support”

Nick Bridgman – Production Engineer, Surgical Innovations Limited

“Surgical Innovations provides medical devices globally to surgeons and hospitals. As part of a continuing operation to bring all engineering processes in-house, Surgical Innovations has ventured into the area of injection moulding. In order to have the whole new production area installed and running, alongside the company’s continued expansion in other areas, more than 30 staff were needed to be trained and updated in Process Validation procedures. Qualitrain was contacted to provide this service.

Qualitrain devised a bespoke training program, running over just one day, to suit medical device quality compliances and to provide a methodology for continuously reinforcing good practice. The training consisted of many different methods, including individual and group activities, and Qualitrain devised and provided training documents which Surgical Innovations has since used as a point of reference again and again.

In our opinion, the biggest attribute to a Qualitrain training program is the amount of aftercare support offered. I personally contacted Richard Bates several times for his advice on certain methods and validating new equipment. He always replied efficiently and has been a great source of support since undertaking the initial training, to myself and to others in the company.

The depth of Qualitrain’s understanding of medical devices and injection moulding was impressive. The IQ, OQ, PQ and CpK language is now in everyday company conversation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard Bates validation training to any business.”

“We Couldn’t have Done it Without You”

Philip Yell – Operations Manager, Safetykleen Ltd

“Just a quick note to say a big thank you to you and your colleagues for the excellent work you have done with the Safetykleen team in Dinnington.

You have taken the time and succeeded brilliantly in understanding exactly what was required, the most efficient approach and perhaps most importantly, the ‘personality’ of the business. Even through some quiet challenging periods for the business the outlook has always remained positive and we are now poised for even better things in the future. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

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