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Lean Six Sigma

Lean and Six Sigma Training for Optimum Quality and Performance

Qualitrain and its delivery partners are leading providers of Lean and Six Sigma-based training programmes, working with some of the UK’s largest and best-known businesses – especially in Automotive, Rail, Marine and Aerospace. To the great benefit of our clients, Qualitrain has forged successful partnerships with some of the UK’s leading Six Sigma exponents, providing a combined wealth of experience across all sectors, making our Lean Six Sigma resource second to none.

Unlike many Lean and Six Sigma practitioners, however, Qualitrain delivers transformative change and measurable improvement via funded training. We can help your organisation to find accredited, funded training routes, including your Apprenticeship Levy pot if appropriate, to bring the many valuable benefits of a Lean Six Sigma programme to your business.

Six Sigma: the Gold Standard for Business Improvement

The implementation of successful Six Sigma projects requires high levels of commitment throughout the organisation, but the transformational power of Six Sigma is well-documented. Companies typically agree that their entire workforce has derived huge benefit from their involvement in the project, and the flow of accurate production management information produced allows manufacturers to excel, outstripping their competition and delighting their customers.

Six Sigma is uncompromising in its rigorous approach to exposing, measuring and correcting defects in products and processes, and features:

  • An especially  keen focus on quantifiable financial return from the programme
  • A real emphasis on determined and passionate leadership from management
  • A unique structure of Champions within the business to lead and implement the programme
  • A total commitment to making decisions on the basis of verifiable data and statistics, doing away with guesswork

Many of the world’s largest and best-known purchasers of manufactured goods will take a clear commitment to Six Sigma as the benchmark by which they will judge a potential supplier.

If your manufacturing business aspires to be World Class, talk to Qualitrain today about the latest developments in Six Sigma training provision.

From late February 2018, the new ‘Lean Technician’ and ‘Lean Practitioner’ apprenticeship standards mean Apprenticeship Levy contributions can be used to fund Six Sigma programmes in Levy-paying organisations. Non Levy-payers can obtain 90% funding, and Black and Master Black Belt standards are on their way!


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