Deliver your own Training

Some Levy-paying organisations, especially larger businesses with many employees and multiple sites, will already have in place large-scale in-house training schemes. Such programmes, whilst vital, are expensive to staff and run – yet these same organisations will also pay substantial Levy contributions.

Qualitrain has worked alongside large employers for many years and has delivered thousands of apprenticeships to adults of all ages. We have the expertise to help your organisation redevelop its in-house training programme to meet the requirements of apprenticeship frameworks, thus allowing you to fund these important activities (or a substantial part of them) through your Levy pot.

Qualitrain is on the RoATP register, is Matrix accredited, and our systems and delivery are Ofsted regulated. In short, we are your ideal training partner, whether you would prefer full-scale delivery or simply advice, assistance and the use of our back office systems.