Making the Levy work for you

Companies that qualify will pay the Levy whether they use it or not. Unused Levy payments will go to the Exchequer to fund apprenticeships in other organisations. So how can you ensure you retain the value of your contribution within your own business?

Unlike most training providers, Qualitrain has always focused on Business Improvement. Whether we are delivering training in Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Team Leading or even Health and Safety, we always underpin our programmes with a real effort to create measurable business  improvements that continue long after the programme is completed.

So, whatever the age or competence of your workforce, your business can use its Levy Pot to make valuable improvements: to skills, to processes – to Quality, Cost and Delivery. And that’s they way to make your Levy contribution really work hard for your business.

In the right hands, apprenticeship programmes are powerful and flexible tools. Whatever the level and detail of your particular Apprenticeship Levy Service requirement, Qualitrain has the team to make them work for your business.

Maximum Benefit, Minimum Cost

Qualitrain has a wide variety of relevant skills and services to ensure the smooth-running administration of the Apprenticeship Levy. Our systems are highly rated by Ofsted and, as one of the leading providers in our field, Qualitrain was amongst the first to be accepted on to the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) – ahead of many colleges.

Talk to our experienced team and find out how our range of training delivery and administration services can help your organisation maximise the benefit of its Levy pot.