National Vocation Qualification

An NVQ is a work-based, competency qualification which recognises the skills and knowledge that a person needs to carry out a job in the workplace. Candidates are expected to perform a series of tasks identified within the NVQ standard. NVQs are based directly on the National Occupational Standards defined by Sector Skills Councils and industry employers. NVQ’s are components of apprenticeship frameworks. New standards that we can deliver don’t require NVQ’s but the individual NVQ can still be taken as a standalone qualification.

Qualitrain are experts in identifying funding support for individual NVQ qualifications. We have a range of opportunities available in which funding could be sorted to provide this type of training and assessment within industry. For a no obligation enquiry please contact us on and we will gladly work with you to find funded solutions for you or your business.

What are the benefits of completing an NVQ?

for the individual:

  • A great way of showing competence in the workplace
  • Can complete the qualification without any written exams
  • It provides a transferable qualification
  • Increases the opportunity of promotion and progression with your existing business
  • It builds motivation and increases job satisfaction

for Employers:

  • Increases productivity and performance
  • Increased motivation and enthusiasm
  • Can be used to provide strategic alignment to business growth strategies – external training complements the drive towards improvements
  • Compliance, the staff can prove competence to external auditors
  • On the job training and evidence gathering, a more, lighter touch than classroom-based learning
  • Ensures employees are up to date with industry standards and best working practice
  • It can be made bespoke and relevant to your business
  • Can be built around internal improvement initiatives