People Strategy

Qualitrain works with HR professionals from all sectors to help develop and deliver their People Strategy priorities. We have trained and qualified thousands of candidates across a wide range of industries and organisations and our business has strong and versatile links to many funding and delivery partners. This allows us to match funded training opportunities to even the most specific requirements.

In some cases our clients require assistance in the initial development of their People Strategy and we can also help here, guiding and coaching HR managers and MDs to develop a detailed approach to Human Resources with the help of our highly-qualified and experienced associates.

Apprenticeship Levy

The arrival of the Apprenticeship Levy has now given training strategies a new impetus with larger businesses, and FDs and HR managers seek to maximise the benefit of their Levy pot within their own organisation. Qualitrain can work with you to manage the Levy system, to identify the most appropriate programmes, even to build in-house training programmes that meet the Levy criteria – which may been what has previously been a full-cost activity can become funded.