Training for Recruitment and Core Competencies

Qualitrain also specialises in the kind of bespoke training packages that can prove invaluable to businesses in very specific circumstances.

Sudden expansion, acquisition, or the winning of a new contract may create the need to train groups of people to ensure adequate competency in particular key skills. We have worked with many businesses to analyse such ‘core competencies’ and devise ways of deploying suitable training to meet immediate needs. Remarkably, we have often been able to find funded routes to achieve these valuable targets.

Qualitrain has also worked closely with its partners in the Recruitment and Human Resources professions to create bespoke packages of pre-employment training to determine candidate suitability and to allow new recruits to arrive on the shop floor with an agreed level of competence already in place.

By working closely with the Department of Work and Pensions we have been able to take play a valuable role in partnerships which have seen unemployed people trained and introduced to full-time roles with excellent employers who had been struggling to recruit.

“This is the most successful scheme we have been involved in, and represents an excellent way to use a relatively modest injection of DWP funding to obtain a really excellent result.”

DWP Programmes and Provision Manager