Why Undertake Training

For high-performance organisations all around the world, on-going training is accepted as an absolute necessity. Achieving and maintaining standards of quality, stabilising or reducing costs, managing supply chains, avoiding waste, rework and repetition, and ensuring a competitive edge are all crucial factors which can be positively impacted by properly designed and deployed training programmes.

In addition, many businesses will have specific ‘key skills’ or regulated activities which require a trained workforce, health and safety considerations, or the need to ensure staff are able to undertake more than one series of tasks.

Human Resources professionals will also understand the vital importance of training in attracting the right staff, developing the existing workforce, creating the next generation of team leaders, supervisors and managers, and providing the top level management skills that allow organisations to thrive and prosper.

View our case studies and testimonials to learn more about the ways in which Qualitrain has helped businesses across many sectors to achieve more through training.

Apprenticeship Levy

Since the spring of 2017 the Apprenticeship Levy has created a new impetus for larger employers with £multi-million wage bills to take a fresh look at their training requirements. If you are a levy-paying organisation, Qualitrain has the skills, accreditations and administrative back-up to smooth the way and ensure your levy spend benefits your business directly.