Vocationally Related Qualifications

VRQs are predominantly classroom taught programmes delivered in a classroom or workshop setting.  These qualifications are based on National Occupational Standards and provide the underpinning knowledge to help learners achieve a related NVQ.  VRQs prepare learners for further learning and the workplace by offering the practical and academic knowledge and skills required in a particular job.  Assessment often combines internal written or practical assignments with external written or onscreen tests.

Qualitrain offer a series of VRQ’s through our Awarding Organisation EAL which can be potentially funded in the workplace. We can build specific training programs to improve the performance and abilities of staff and align it to strategic improvement projects.

Benefits to the student:

  • Provides a recognised qualification
  • Creates transferable skills
  • Can lead to promotion
  • Continuous professional development
  • Relatively short intervention compared to an NVQ or apprenticeship

Benefits to the Employer:

  • Creates positive morale
  • When linked to internal projects it helps achieve successful project completion
  • Can be funded in certain circumstances
  • Increases critical skills of staff to help the sustainability of new initiatives
  • Reduces scrap, improves productivity, reduces waste and increases bottom line profits