An Introduction To Engineering Operative Apprenticeships

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Apr 8, 2024 10:00:00 AM

Engineering operatives are people who have developed skills and built experience in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. They provide employers with the right kinds of knowledge to grow their business and boost productivity. The role of an engineering operative therefore requires the development of skills that can be transferred across the engineering industries, being able to adjust the application and composition of job specific tasks.

Of course, the role of the engineering operative must begin somewhere. And one of the best places to start is with an engineering operative apprenticeship. This is a great way of getting a foothold in the industry, learning the core aspects of the role on the job. These can include skills such as identifying risks and hazards, communication skills, the selection and use of appropriate tools and more. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of engineering operative apprenticeships – for prospective employees, employers and wider society as a whole. 

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Apprenticeships Benefits

As outlined above, there are many potential benefits for prospective apprentices looking to gain a foothold in the industry and wanting to amass a skill set that could be a solid foundation for a future career. An engineering apprenticeship brings benefits such as gaining practical skills and on-the-job training, and provides a clear pathway to a rewarding career. 

First Hand Experience

Most apprentices spend 80% of their time working with employers in the engineering sector gaining first-hand experience and making valuable connections that can support their employment. This is invaluable experience that can set candidates apart later at the selection, interview and employment stage. Most engineering employers are looking for the right combination of experience and willingness to learn core skills, which can be amply demonstrated by an apprenticeship.

Shortage Of Skilled Engineers

More than 120,000 engineers currently working in the UK are due to retire by 2026, which may leave the country with a shortage of skilled engineers in a variety of industries. An engineering apprenticeship provides employees a chance to develop their skills relevant to the sector and gives employers the opportunity to upskill the current workforce to improve efficiency, reduce errors and cut back on overrunning costs. With so many engineers set to leave the workforce, this provides clear opportunities for new entrants into the marketplace. 

Cost Effective

An engineer operative apprenticeship standard programme may be supported by the apprenticeship levy, waving all costs to both the individual and employer. That means there are great economic incentives for employers to take on apprentices, above and beyond the prestige of being able to train the next generation of engineers here in the UK.

Apprenticeship Wages

Engineer apprenticeships offer a unique advantage to traditional degree routes. The ability to earn while participating in the apprenticeship scheme provides a pathway to both learning and earning simultaneously, which can be very advantageous to young people looking to build skills but who also have real world commitments and expenses. 

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