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Below are examples of projects that have been implemented by our Learners
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Case studies across small to large businesses

Our current data indicates that Learners who undertake a L3 Improvement Course, on average save c.£30k per project.


Cost reduction in the Carriers Area

Sector/Industry: Supply chain logistics

Process: Carriers consolidation & packing area

Problem: The Carriers area was over budget with labour hours, using between 5 and 9 additional labour hours each day to achieve the target output

Improvement Method: A3 Practical Problem Solving (PDCA)

Benefits Summary:

  • 679 labour hours saved
  • Just under £14,000 a year saved in labour cost
  • Productivity increased 278% with no additional headcount needed

Case Study

Increasing Flow in the TAS Area

Sector/Industry: Tier 1 Automotive Manufacturing (Car Seats)

Process: TAS Assembly Area

Problem: The TAS area had the following problems:
– Long process lead time (around 30 minutes)
– Downtime too high
– Inventory levels too high (WIP) – 24 sets of WIP

Improvement Method: A3 Practical Problem Solving (PDCA)

Benefits Summary:

  • Lead time reduced by 21 minutes to 225 seconds (3m 45s)
  • WIP reduced to 3 sets of seats freeing up c.£10,500 of cash
  • Agency headcount reduced from 4 to 3 on each shift saving c.£99,000 a year

Improving Demand Management for K-Class Products

Sector/Industry: Supply chain logistics

Process: K-Class supply chain management

Problem: The current process for demand and replenishment management led to the overstocking of K-Class parts, which resulted in over £600,000 of unnecessary parts being purchased

Improvement Method: DMAIC

Benefits Summary:

  • Inventory reduced by 30%
  • Critical part shortages reduced by 60%
  • Cost saving of £1,853,304 a year

Case Study

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