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Paul Allen

MSc - Manufacturing Management & Technology (O.U)

Paul has been a consultant specialising in Lean and Six Sigma at all levels in businesses for 25 years. He is an expert in combining Lean and Six Sigma into one powerful business improvement approach in a practical hands on way.

Paul has trained in a variety of industries including; Steel, Metal forming and finishing, Electronics, Auto assembly, Food, Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals and Waste recycling. Throughout his career, Paul has trained over 500 Greenbelts and Blackbelts in organisations as large as Brother, Fuji, Boots and Corus; but specialises in taking Six Sigma into small and medium organisations making the concepts simple, practical and valuable. He is an expert at explaining statistical tools to none statistical audiences.

In recent years Paul has developed a successful YouTube channel; Complexity Made Simple. He has also published 3 books on Six Sigma that encapsulate his practical approach to world class management.


Leon Bowler

Managing Director

Leon has been an inspirational, lean six sigma practitioner, facilitator and coach for over 15 years. He convinced himself of the power of Lean whilst working as a Senior Production Manager, supplying Kimberly-Clark and their range of Andrex products. Leon found himself in a critical situation where scrap was over 12% and the customer was almost lost. The team took the leap of faith and fully committed to Lean, with Leon leading the charge. This resulted in scrap being reduced to under 2% and his company winning supplier of the year.  Once realising what Lean and Six Sigma could do for people, Leon never looked back.

Since becoming a Teacher Leon has educated and qualified over 400 people in Lean & Six Sigma qualifications, within such organisations as Bombardier, AVK, Trelleborg and BCA. In the last 5 years Leon has been directing the Teaching Team within Qualitrain Ltd and is passionate about developing curriculum that simplify the Lean Six Sigma methods so they can be understood and competently applied by a much wider audience. 

Richard Bates

Group CEO

Richard has an impressive and extensive background in both general engineering and specific areas such as medical product development and the polymer industry. As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and proud member of The Institute of Mechanical Engineers he developed his skills for Six Sigma statistics by carrying out medical product validation protocols for implant devices and surgical instruments.

His experience within Higher Education and the development of highly successful training and assessment materials for the Business Improvement Foundation Degree led by Derby University and the Polymer Foundation degree led by Stafford University, has provided Richard with a wealth of skills within the education sector and End Point Assessment.

He has proven efficiency in developing and creating successful, profitable, educational training companies. Richard understands the need of industry and their training and assessment requirements. From this he has a wealth of experience in understanding and delivering unique work placed Lean and Six Sigma training and assessment needs for many large organisations within the Rail, Automotive and Aerospace industries.


David Green

Operations Manager

David has an impressive background in electronic engineering, specifically rail engineering. David was involved in commissioning locomotives and training traction and rolling stock maintenance staff in such projects as Docklands Light Railway, London Underground, Shuttle and Class 92.

Since moving into Further Education fifteen years ago, David has facilitated and coached more than two thousand five hundred qualifications in the rail industry. David is a specialist dedicated to supporting the UK rail industry needs for development training and assessment in the arenas of management, railway operations, traction and rolling stock maintenance and associated competence management systems.

David first came across Lean Six Sigma while working for Ericsson and became intrigued with what it could do for organisations and people. David has not looked back since, and gained a Foundation Degree in Business Improvement Techniques in 2011. This paved the way to become a Lean Six Sigma practitioner and even resulted in David achieving accredited lecturer status with the University of Derby on their Business Improvement Techniques Foundation Degree programme. Since then, David has educated over 300 people in Lean Six Sigma qualifications with such organisations as BCA, DB Cargo, Merlin Entertainments and Adient. He is driven with a passion to help others fulfil their potential.

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