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Qualitrain and its delivery partners are leading providers of Lean Six Sigma-based training programmes

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Discover Your Starting Point in Your Organisation. Take this lean assessment now, and identify where your current starting point should be.


Improved & Efficient Processes

Reduced cost, increased profit

Save Time by Shortening Cycle Times

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Through combining the skills and techniques of Lean Six Sigma, we can help you optimise the performance and production of your organisation.

Allowing you to stabilise your business and increase profit margins.

And it works for all types of businesses.

“Impressive Depth of Understanding”

The quality of Qualitrain’s input, and the hard work put in by their team, brought great success with this project, with 100% pass rate at Level 2. This has given us the confidence to progress the training project, and 125 Bombardier candidates are now about to undertake a Level 3 BIT qualification under Qualitrain’s guidance.

Neil Dickens
Bid and Training Manager, Bombardier Transportation UK Ltd

Lean traditionally focuses on the elimination of eight kinds of waste, known as defects. These are: over-production, waiting, non-utilised talent, transportation, motion and extra processing.

The principles we cover:

  • Always focus on the customer
  • Understand how work really happens
  • Make your processes flow smoothly
  • Reduce waste and concentrate on value
  • Stop defects through removing variation
  • Get buy-in from the team through collaboration
  • Make your efforts systematic and scientific

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Gill Peak
Birtley Group
“Flexible, personable, and highly professional”
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Wesley Auden
Senior Human Resources Professional, Adient

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