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The only recognised qualification for Lean Leaders on the front line
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What Is A Process Leader?

Process leaders act autonomously as part of a wider production team and are responsible for the delivery of core production KPIs, people, budgets, equipment, materials, supplies, health, safety, environment and risk. Also, manage resources effectively to ensure the efficient running of their department in line with organisational procedures and budgets. Process leadership is crucial in today's business environment. It optimises internal processes and enhances efficiency, productivity, and overall performance. This leadership style strategically oversees organisational processes, prioritising their management, optimisation, and continuous improvement.


Who Is It For? 

Process leaders are found in organisations with high
volume manufacturing or advanced manufacturing
processes in which large volumes of products are made in assembly, molding, metal processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, textiles, food and drink, or similar processes. They are also found in organisations with engineering operations or low-volume manufacturing processes in which products are made in a bespoke or workshop-type environment. 

Typical Attributes Gained by Candidates: 

Decision Making: Makes decisions based on personal initiative, technical knowledge, analysis and understanding
of the different interests of stakeholders.

Inclusive: Open, approachable, authentic, and able to build trust with others. Promotes a respectful culture embracing
diversity and inclusion.

Professionalism: Sets an example, and is fair, consistent and is fair, consistent and impartial. Open and honest. Operates within organisational values. Promote and within the values of the organisation to all colleagues.

Responsibility, Accountability and Resilience: Drive to achieve in all aspects of work. Demonstrates resilience
and accountability. Determination when managing difficult situations. Seeks new opportunities.

Problem solver: Identifies issues quickly, enjoys solving complex problems and applies appropriate solutions.


Achievement of the standard is designed to be recognised, by relevant Professional Engineering Institutions such as the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) for the appropriate level of professional registration (EngTech).

What Skills And Knowledge Will Be Achieved?

These knowledge and skills are crucial for individuals
aiming to become proficient Process Leaders, capable of driving efficiency, quality, and innovation within an
organisation. Learners will gain a deep understanding of both theoretical frameworks and practical applications in the realm of process management and improvement.

Process Leader: Knowledge and Skills Overview:

⇒Quality Management of the Business
⇒Management Leadership
⇒Communication Skills
⇒Project Management
⇒Risk Management
⇒Customer Focus
⇒Data Analysis
⇒Continuous Improvement
⇒Training and Development
⇒Ethical Conduct

⇒Process Knowledge
⇒Regulatory Compliance
⇒Change Management
⇒Decision Making
⇒Coaching and Mentoring
⇒Recruiting the right staff
⇒Communicate and cascade
⇒information effectively
⇒Quality Management


⇒Performance management
and recognition
⇒Deliver cost achievements
against budget targets
⇒Identify and share good practice
⇒Understand team strengths
and weaknesses
⇒Coaching and Mentoring
⇒Recruiting the right staff

What Are The Benefits For The Business?

In summary, a skilled Process Leader can significantly contribute to the overall success and competitiveness of a business by driving operational excellence, fostering innovation, and ensuring that processes align with strategic objectives.

How Long Does The Apprenticeship Take?  

Typically, this apprenticeship will take around 18 months to complete.

Is This A Government Funded Qualification? 

Funding for the Process Leader Apprenticeship can be accessed through the Apprenticeship Levy. If you do not pay the Apprenticeship Levy the Government will fund 95% of the cost of an Apprenticeship. If you have any questions about funding we are here to help with setting up your Digital Account and sourcing funding.

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