What is End Point Assessment?

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Sep 2, 2021 6:39:00 AM

What is End Point Assessment?

At the end of their training, an apprentice undertakes a the final “exam” called End Point Assessment (EPA). This assesses the learner’s work and competency in the subject, ultimately providing the apprentice and employer with an overall result.

How does it work?

All apprenticeships are built to an apprenticeship standard and assessment plan which determined by trailblazer organisations. Combined, these determine the skills, knowledge and behaviours (KSBs) that the apprentice will learn and are ultimately assessed on at EPA.

Once the apprentice has completed all the required on-programme training, they will go through a ‘gateway’ process where they are signed-off by their employer or training provider as ready for EPA.

Apprentices will only receive their apprenticeship certificate if they have passed all parts of their EPA. This may also include Functional Skills (English and Maths), depending on the requirements. The EPAO will request the certificate on behalf of the learner.

While learners have a dedicated training provider throughout their apprenticeship, Government legislation states that EPA must be delivered by a separate body to the employer and training provider, called End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAO). This ensures all apprentices undergoing the same standard are assessed consistently.

End Point Assessment

What does it look like?

EPA come in many formats, such as: written exam, multiple choice test, a project, a presentation, an interview or a practical assessment. The type of EPA will depend on the apprenticeship standard the learner is undertaking.

How Qualitrain can help

We are a registered End Point Assessment Organisation and have a team of highly qualified and experienced assessors offering EPA for the following qualifications. We assure that that EPA’s are valid and reliable:

For more information about End Point Assessment, please contact us or call: 07747683273

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