What is the maintenance and operations engineering technician apprenticeship?

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Jul 26, 2023 3:40:00 PM


The maintenance and operations engineering technician apprenticeship is a level 3, three-year program that trains students to work as engineers primarily in the energy sector. The apprenticeship provides hands-on experience with electrical machinery, mechanical systems and renewable energy technologies while earning a sufficient wage.

Maintenance and Operations Engineering Apprenticeship

What is the maintenance and operations engineering technician apprenticeship?

This apprenticeship provides a great real-life insight into the job role, combining classroom training with on-the-job experience. The curriculum is designed to provide the skills needed to work as an engineering technician in the field of maintenance and operations.

Apprentices learn how to use industrial equipment such as computers, power tools and hand tools; perform basic troubleshooting on machinery; maintain equipment; operate machines for cutting metal or other materials; inspect parts for defects before installation; operate forklifts safely; clean up hazardous spills; recognise safety hazards related to electricity usage when working with industrial equipment (e.g., arc flash hazard); perform routine maintenance duties such as changing filters on air conditioners/fans within offices or warehouses

How to get started

Whether you’re looking to upskill your current team or hire a new apprentice, the team at Qualitrain Engineering Academy can help. We have an excellent compliance team help can help your organisation with everything from a Levy transfer, to the recruitment of a new apprentice, at no additional cost!

Get in touch with our team today to take a look around our facility, or find out more about a particular qualification.

This apprenticeship can be a great way to build a team with the skills you need for the future

Apprenticeships are full-time and paid employment, where the apprentice works alongside your experienced professionals, while studying towards their own qualifications. This qualification is funded by the Apprenticeship Levy, with a maximum funding amount of £26,000.

If you’re interested in pursuing engineering apprenticeships for the energy sector, this apprenticeship is a great place to start. You’re apprentice will gain valuable skills on how to run machines and equipment safely while learning more about how they work at the same time.

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