Continuous Improvement Training Begins at Loram UK

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May 14, 2021 12:11:00 PM
Qualitrain are thrilled to be working in partnership with Loram UK to provide Continuous Improvement Training to their workforce.

Qualitrain began delivering Level 3 (Yellow belt) Improvement Technician and Level 4 (Green belt) Improvement Practitioner Apprenticeship training this week at Loram UK’s Derby site.

“Qualitrain is proud to be working in partnership with Loram UK. We know they are technical experts in their field and it’s great to see a genuine commitment to the continuing development of an improvement culture within the Derby site. We look forward to helping the delegates on their learning journey so they can add more value for their customers”.

Leon Bowler – Managing Director

With the increase in competition and new enterprises, quality delivered into customers is being continuously scrutinised and is also the reason why quality needs to be continuously improved. Offering quality products and services to their customers is high priority for Loram UK. They want to ensure that they not only keep pace with the changes in the rail industry and customer demand, but also exceed customer expectations.

“Loram UK are training a number of Green Belts and Yellow Belts to make use of the advanced tools and techniques Lean Six Sigma has to offer. We want to make sure our customers receive the best possible value and that we identify and resolve issues related to quality and the customer experience swiftly. Green Belts and Yellow Belts within our organisation will create the foundation we need to build on our continuous improvement strategy which will identify and remove waste, whilst managing the variation in our products and services to exceed customer expectations”.

Dean Humphreys – Master Black Belt Lean Six Sigma / Head of Quality and Business Improvement

Loram Continuous Improvement Training Derby

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