Work hard, have fun and make history – Qualitrain and Amazon

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Oct 25, 2022 6:17:00 PM

Qualitrain and Amazon

Since May 2022 we at Qualitrain have been working with Amazon Logistics to introduce an Apprenticeship in Supply Chain Operations which has been personalised to include business improvement tools and techniques. This has been introduced across sites in the UK and Ireland.

The quality and calibre of Apprentices are absolutely fantastic. They are so enthusiastic, hardworking and wanting to go above and beyond in all they do.

I am so proud of the Qualitrain team who are involved in bringing together this very special programme, Louse Capra, Marco Cullen, Shane Walton, Maureen O’Mara, John Sibley, Alan Tipling, Kerry Smith and Bret Andrews.

The feedback is wonderful from the Apprenticeship Forum who praised the weekly lessons delivered by Qualitrain for the “excellent, in-depth theory” taught each week and “supportive tutors” which is fantastic to hear!

The partnership working with Helen Hobson and Liz Bannister who are constantly striving to ensure that the apprenticeship experience is second to none. As the Director of this project, I could not ask for a more supportive and driven collaborative team.

The programme not only aims to teach and develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of the apprenticeship standard, it also embeds lean thinking, problem solving and continuous improvement approaches. In addition to that it builds and encourages the desired values and behaviours which Amazon drive in order to be the best. In every weekly assignment issued, apprentices are encouraged to review and reflect on how they have demonstrated the Leadership Principles that week. This is built in to develop the awareness and familiarity with the principles, encouraging apprentices to link them to their own role and get into great habits of living and delivering the principles.

The recognition and rewards for the programme is amazing with the Apprentice of the month being nominated by each tutor, selected by the Amazon team, and presented with a prize. Here are a couple of our winners so far:

Amazon Qualitrain Apprentice of the Month1

Apprentice of the month: Bailey Henning - DPN1

Congratulations to Bailey Henning, for his hard work during the first month of his apprenticeship!

Bailey has been nominated by his tutor, Maureen:

“Bailey is so helpful, enthusiastic and really thinks about the learning. Bailey does this outside of the classroom too, researching and seeking views from others not only in the group but with his work colleagues too”.

Huge congratulations to Bailey! He will be receiving recognition on site and a prize from the Apprenticeships team.

Apprentice of the month: - Qaisar Shehzad DXS1

Huge congratulations to Qaisar Shehzad, DXS1 for his hard work during the first few weeks of his apprenticeship!

Qaisar has been nominated by his tutor, Louise “Qaisar is in a tiny group of 3 so there is lots of pressure to contribute, with nowhere to hide. His enthusiasm is tangible and his standard of work is excellent. But mostly he is such a credit to Amazon, really positive about the company and his own role and responsibility. A shining example of commitment and an excellent ambassador.”

Huge congratulations to Qaisar! He will also be receiving recognition on site and a prize from the Apprenticeships team.

Amazon Qualitrain Apprentice of the Month2

It is a joy and pleasure to be working with this great globally recognised amazing organisation and it feels so special to support the wonderful individuals who show us every day what it is to – ‘Work hard, have fun and make history’.

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