Engineering Salaries in the UK

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May 30, 2023 3:44:00 PM

Skilled Engineers are currently one of the most sought-after vacancies in the UK, with an ever- growing skills gap presenting more and more challenges within the sector. There are many different kinds of engineering roles, from electrical to mechanical, with most offering good salaries.

Which Engineering roles have the highest salaries?

The fifth highest salaried Engineering is the role of a Civil Engineer, with a national average salary of £36,683 per year.

Civil engineers design, construct and manage large building projects i.e residential buildings, bridges, stadiums, arenas and many more. 

The fourth top earning Engineer is a Petroleum Engineer, with a national average salary: £38,239 per year.

Petroleum engineers  extract oil and natural gas from the earth. They research and survey extraction sites, work with industrial machinery and oversee production and distillation processes. 

The third highest paying Engineering role is a Robotics Engineer, with a National average salary of £43,250 per year.

Also known as automation engineers, robotics engineers design and built autonomous machines. Their work is closely related to mechanical, aeronautical and biomedical engineering.

Mechatronics Engineer

In second place is a Data Engineer, with a national average salary of around £56,418 per year.

Data engineers develop the analytics infrastructure necessary for an organisation to process and use data. They typically have a good working knowledge of coding languages, data analytics software and database design. They also perform data analysis, whereby they identify and track trends in large datasets.

Which leads us to the current most highly paid Engineering role in the UK, a Nuclear Engineer. Typically, a Nuclear Engineer’s salary is at £64,350 per year.

Nuclear engineers are responsible for the operation, development and design of nuclear power stations. This can include all of the equipment and designs that are in nuclear power plants. They also carry out maintenance work, safety and security measures, supervise nuclear power technicians and oversee the safe disposal of nuclear waste. They also monitor radiation levels to ensure that the environment is safe.

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Salary information taken from were correct at the time of publication.

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